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Lady New Five Bleaching Powder

Bleachingpowder is a powerful agent that is used to strip color from the hair. This powder alone is not enough to lighten the hair, however, and it must be mixed with developer, or hydrogen peroxide, to activate the lightening process. For the best results, you should choose a powder/developer combination that is strong enough to produce the desired color yet gentle enough to be used safely.

Consumers have two main options when choosing a bleach for the hair: they can choose a Lady New Five bleaching powder from their local supermarket or make their own.

The main difference between bleaching powders is their consistency and ability to retain moisture. Bleach deactivates when it dries, which is why it is important to choose a powder that contains moisturizing agents. Some powders are also formulated to be dust-free, creamy, and easy to use. It will be very difficult to use a product that mixes into a thin, watery consistency. Non-drip formulas are much more user-friendly.